More skilled IT security professionals will be needed, and the demand for training courses has to be satisfied.

Hong Kong’s talent pool of cybersecurity professionals has received a shot in the arm with more training firms offering accredited courses.

According to Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT) there is an anticipated surge in cyberattacks with the rise of AI, Internet of Things, and 5G communications. Ransomware, for example, has morphed from massive untargeted attacks to being targeted at global enterprises for higher returns putting even more pressure on the demand for skilled IT security professionals.

With this in mind, FTMS Training Systems (HK) Limited, a training institution specialized in accounting and management courses, has teamed up with Cyber Range Training Centre Limited (Cyber Range), a military-grade cyber training and simulation platform in Hong Kong to offer realistic, real-world simulated training scenarios and integrated labs in a cyber-training facility.

Courses offered include Capture the Flag, Information Security Awareness Program, Certified Ethical Hacking, Forensics, IT Audit, Penetration Testing, Information Security Corporate Training and online BSc or MSc in Cybersecurity.

The courses introduce and analyze examples of common web application vulnerabilities, threat methodologies and prevention measures, intrusion detection systems, scanning tools and more.

Said Rick Tam, General Manager, Cyber Range: “The demand for certified cybersecurity professionals by businesses continues on an upward trend as cybersecurity incidents surge and capture headlines on a daily basis while employers are stymied by a small pool of certified and experienced staff in the marketplace. We are looking to reverse this situation by providing the necessary security certification and training with FTMS.”

Commented Augustine Yagappan, Chief Executive Officer, FTMS Training Systems (HK): “(We) aim to provide a comprehensive range of cybersecurity certification programs and services, enriched with practical exercises and labs to demonstrate the latest and effective skills required in defending against cybersecurity incidents in real life at any level.”

Cyber Defense Challenge 2020

Cyber Range has also announced a unique opportunity for cybersecurity incident response teams to assess their capabilities and improve response skills.

Its Cyber Defense Challenge 2020 event, sponsored by Alibaba Cloud, Check Point, H3C, Lenovo, Onward Security, SiS, SVA, Tufin, and supported by FTMS, HKCTF, Microware and RTIA, will utilise an advanced cyberattack generator for teams to respond to in real-time within a virtual security operations centre.

During the competition, teams of one to four members will answer a list of questions to earn points. The team with the highest points earnt in the shortest time, wins.