Some tips to gather cyber intelligence on cybercriminal activities in the shadow segment of the internet to stay safe include:

    • Use threat intelligence services to explore adversaries’ resources and potential attack vectors available to them. This also helps raise awareness about existing threats from cybercriminals in order to adjust your corporate defenses accordingly, or to take counter and elimination measures preemptively.
    • Choose a reliable endpoint security solution that is equipped with behavior-based detection and anomaly control capabilities.
    • Employ dedicated managed detection and response services to be ready for high-profile attacks. This can help identify and stop intrusions in their early stages, before the perpetrators can achieve their goals.
    • Have an incidence response service ready at all times such that, in the event of a cyberattack, you can respond quickly (identify compromised nodes) and minimize the consequences promptly, and even protect the infrastructure from similar attacks in the future.