Case Study:SEGA moves faster with flow-based network monitoring

Network visibility is a must when tens of gigabytes of game data are transferred everyday.

SEGA, a leading interactive entertainment company with multiple offices around the world, is known for its multi-million selling game franchises including Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star and Total War series.

As a company that is still growing organically as well as via acquisitions, it intends to keep setting new standards in interactive entertainment.

SEGA’s business makes it critical to design and maintain a large network infrastructure accessed by some 2,600 employees on a daily basis. Tens of gigabytes of game data are transferred over the network between development team and testing team everyday.

Visibility across the whole network is a must when ensuring stability of systems, services and for troubleshooting.

The company used to analyze network by packet capture solution. This approach was very demanding and time-consuming with large volumes of data that required storage and analysis. Therefore, a request was made for a NetFlow-based solution deployment.

Find out how the company´s requirements for network visibility have been resolved by Kemp’s Flowmon solution.

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