Regardless of whether your housemates are security-conscious or not, the risk escalates with every account used by multiple people: study.

Do you feel comfortable sharing streaming services with your family or housemates?

COVID-19-related restrictions and the necessity to stay indoors has influenced the way people approach digital services, making them more aware of how securely both they, and their housemates, use the internet. This can include deciding to have shared accounts for entertainment platforms across the entire household or discovering more about each other’s online behavior.

This prompted cybersecurity firm Kaspersky to research the topic of ‘digital comfort zones’. Can online services bring people together? Are they willing to share personal account information in order to offer mutual access? Here are some findings:

  • 46% of respondents felt comfortable sharing streaming services with their housemates.
  • 32% were unsure about the safety of their accounts because they do not know about their housemates’ digital habits.
  • 33% said that, in addition to access to streaming platforms, they shared accounts to online retail services, such as eBay or Amazon Prime, with their households.
  • 30% admitted to sharing their food delivery accounts and their online gaming subscriptions.
  • 43% claimed that they were concerned about increased online activity through streaming services or gaming.
  • 24% were anxious that their housemates’ digital habits could affect internet speeds and thus impact their own online gaming performance.

Commented Andrew Winton, Vice President, Marketing, Kaspersky: “We often build friendships with our housemates, making it easy to share online services, so everyone can benefit without hassle. Unfortunately, if we don’t pay attention to how we share our personal details, even with our own housemates, (it becomes more) likely for them to be discovered by people or groups we do not trust. To help make sure this does not happen, some services have specific policies in place to help multiple people use a single subscription without needing to share passwords. Whether you live with others or not, we would always recommend that you keep your devices and credentials protected with strong cybersecurity solutions to make sure your information remains safe.”

Which of the following services do consumers share a log in for with their housemates?

Netflix shared accounts