The world is advancing to Industry 4.0 in full swing, and this is a key driving force for IT/OT convergence.

Key takeaways:

    • Nearly 40% of OT systems across many industries now connect to IT systems, and this proportion will increase to over 50% within a year. 85% of firms expect business benefits from IT/OT convergence, such as improvements to innovation, reliability, integrity, and revenue growth.
    • That said, cybersecurity challenges are growing with integration activities, imposing significant financial damages to organizations – with 74% of attacks that impacted OT systems originated in IT. The majority (88%) of organizations have recently dealt with a security incident that directly affected OT production environments.
    • Most (56%) of organizations in North Asia report basic or developing OT security levels, including IoT (based on NIST measurement).

For a quick look at the findings, check out this Summary Sheet