In its latest initiative, BSSN has announced three pillars for building the public sector’s cybersecurity competencies and capabilities:

  • Nurturing national cybersecurity specialists: Selected BSSN officials or other government officials selected by BSSN will be trained to protect networks, devices, people, and data from external threats and unauthorized access. This professional certification can be completed online with under six months of part-time study, allowing government officials with no prior experience to pivot into cybersecurity analyst roles.

  • Threat intelligence sharing: BSSN’s cybersecurity teams will be able to access and share third-party threat intelligence feeds to understand new and prevalent tactics, techniques, and procedures in use by cybercriminals and state-sponsored threat actors targeting public sector entities.

  • Joint capacity building with AI for cybersecurity: The agency will develop and implement next-generation cloud-based solutions that combine automation, analytics, threat intelligence, and AI to rapidly detect, investigate, and defend against cyberattacks on critical national infrastructure.