Evaluating SPARK Matrix Deception Technology 2022

Evaluating SPARK MatrixTM Deception Technology 2022

A detailed analysis of global deception technology leaders, trends, market dynamics, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning.

This research report includes a comprehensive global Deception Technology analysis, major trends, market dynamics, competitive positioning, and vendor landscape analysis, ranking the top vendors using the SPARK Matrix.

The research finding allows IT users to evaluate the capabilities, differences, and market positions of leading Deception Technology vendors, and for technology vendors to gain insights about the market that support their growth strategies.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions analyzed the top deception technology vendors’ products, value propositions, and market presence based on primary research with expert interviews, analysis of use cases, and internal analysis.

From an analyst perspective, Metallic ThreatWise is one of the leading Deception technology vendors that offers a multi-tier architecture, enabling better detection, deeper attacker engagement, and comprehensive containment by using lures, traps, and honeypots to divert attackers away from real data.


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