Case Study: Metallic ® ThreatWiseTM Data Protection Use Cases

Case Study: Metallic ® ThreatWiseTM Data Protection Use Cases

How Metallic ® ThreatWiseTM helped customers across industries

Metallic ® ThreatWiseTM is patented deception technology delivering next-generation early warning by deceiving bad actors and alerting IT teams to malicious activity to protect businesses from ransomware and zero-day threats effectively.

Companies can outsmart bad actors using a deceptive network of fake assets and decoys and highly configurable and adaptive threat sensors to distribute trip wires  across real environments, and promptly scan and mimic highly specialised business assets.

Customers across industries, including financial, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and the public sector, use this industry’s first patented deception technology to engage and surface unknown ransomware and zero-day threats early before data leakage, exfiltration, encryption, or damage occurs.

This resource explains how businesses across industries use the intelligent sensors of Metallic ® ThreatWiseTM to prevent severe impact from threat actors.

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