Hitachi Energy uses OPSWAT’s MetaDefender Core and K2100 Mobile Kiosks to safeguard their supply chain

Hitachi Energy, a global leader in energy solutions, faced the challenge of safeguarding its extensive supply chain against cyber threats across 90 countries and multiple development centers. To tackle this, they adopted OPSWAT’s MetaDefender Core, consolidating global services onto a single server. This integration streamlined processes and established consistent cybersecurity standards. Engineers in remote areas benefited from MetaDefender Core’s integration into workflows, allowing efficient file scans even with limited connectivity.

Additionally, Hitachi Energy deployed OPSWAT MetaDefender K2100 Mobile Kiosks for last-mile supply chain security, enabling engineers in low-connectivity areas to access security updates and perform scans. These implementations resulted in a strengthened defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy, providing comprehensive protection in challenging environments.

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