SINGAPORE, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Group-IB, a leading creator of cybersecurity technologies to investigate, prevent, and fight digital crime, was honored with the Anti-fraud Project of the Year award in the 6th Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2023 during an in-person ceremony held in Singapore, on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

This award recognizes exceptional projects that have significantly contributed to the fight against fraud and the protection of financial institutions and their customers from losses, including through the use of innovative technology and collaboration with industry and regulators.

Group-IB was recognized for its Cyber Fraud Intelligence Center Project, built upon Group-IB’s proprietary Fraud Protection Platform. It is a first-of-its-kind solution that is used for monitoring diverse data sets such as device fingerprints, IP addresses, malware signatures, and fraudster profiles. It facilitates the aggregation of such anonymized data to generate insights on fraud threats and patterns, simplify fraud detection, and disrupt the laundering of fraud proceeds.

Group-IB works closely with law enforcement agencies across the world to gather threat actors’ TTPs. Group-IB draws on its extensive experience in the field to aid governments in establishing Cyber Fraud Intelligence Centers. Through real-time monitoring and analysis of financial transactions from multiple sources, Group-IB can provide detection and prevention of fraudulent activities.

The fight against money laundering is facilitated through information sharing among participating organizations. Cyber Fraud Intelligence Centers can quickly identify and investigate suspicious activity, enabling the disruption of money laundering networks during the “warm-up” phase and preventing criminals from exploiting them.

Judges on the Regulation Asia awards panel credited Group-IB for its innovative approach to enabling the sharing of data between institutions, promoting collaboration among public and private sector entities, and contributing to the global fight against fraud groups and organized crime. “The ability to pool data from various sources makes a huge difference in fraud detection. This solution can serve as a model for other jurisdictions and institutions globally,” said one judge on the Regulation Asia awards panel.

“We are honored to receive the Anti-fraud Project of the Year award,” says Wei See Wong, Group-IB’s Head of Business Development in the Asia-Pacific region. “This recognition from our industry peers underscores Group-IB’s commitment to combating crime and supporting the financial industry in safeguarding its stakeholders. Cybercrime knows no boundaries. Swift fraud intelligence exchange is the way forward to fight against fraudsters effectively. We will continue constantly enhancing our technologies to improve collaboration within the industry.”