Fast-growing Cloud-based UI Design Platform Now Has Over One Million Users Worldwide

BEIJING, June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Js Design, a leading cloud-based UI design tool developer in China, has recently secured tens of millions USD in Series B+ financing. BlueRun Ventures China (BRV China) has co-led the company’s Series A funding and has participated in the later A+ and B rounds.

Founded in September 2020, Js Design is China’s first professional cloud-based open-source UI design tool. This real-time collaboration platform enables multi-person live editing for instantaneous synchronization, and is a one-stop shop for software production and R&D operations.

Jimmy Shi, Venture Partner at BRV China, says: “As a domestic startup, Js Design has developed products that can stand up to its major global competitors and is now at the forefront in the industry of cloud-based SaaS collaborative design software. The popular platform has grown into a massive ecosystem with over one million users worldwide, offering large-scale creative content, APIs and add-ons.”

Js Design’s founding team says: “Many Chinese software developers are using our product’s foreign alternatives, which do not necessarily cater to Chinese users’ distinctive working habits, culture, and business processes. They often experience problems such as language and network issues, which a lot of the time left unresolved due to the lack of timely and effective solutions nor an accessible customer service channel.”

Js Design furthered its commercialization through close collaboration with a number of key industry players in China. Experiences from those partnerships are pivotal to rolling out a diversified array of solutions focusing on serving corporate customers. The company’s original 10-person team has grown rapidly into a well-organized group of over 100 staff, with production and research team exceeding 75%. Js Design expects to double its team size by this year.

Mr. Shi says: “As an early investor, we have had the honour to witness the company’s tremendous growth in terms of product capabilities, user base, partner ecosystem and organizational skills over the past 1.5 years. We are happy to see Js Design reaching a new milestone and winning recognition from more investors.”

Js Design’s founding team says: “We are set to match Figma in terms of product capabilities, add-ons and community size in the shortest time possible. We will continue to deliver innovation based on domestic demand. We look forward to our developed-in-China platform becoming internationally recognized and surpassing overseas rivals.”

About BRV China

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