The Company aspires to empower more smart factories around the world

BEIJING, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BlueIOT (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd (“BlueIOT” or “the Company”), a world leading Real-time Location System (RTLS) provider that develops high-precision positioning products based on cutting-edge Bluetooth Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) technology, recently completed a smart factory project for OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (OSRAM) in Malaysia, nudging the company one step closer to its strategic internationalization goal. By June 2022, its tally of projects globally hit a new high with fields of application expanding to healthcare, warehousing and logistics, smart factories, smart buildings, and digital venues with multiple successful smart factory cases particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently, all machines in OSRAM’s factories are bound to BlueIOT asset-type tags allowing each machine’s exact location to be monitored in real time. Staff view both the real-time and historical route of any tag on the location map and in the case of locating a machine, nearby personnel can be dispatched promptly. With an invisible electronic fence, the entry and exit of people and machines are identified and recorded, which effectively prevents the loss of valuable assets and realizes traceability of lost assets. The same asset tracking solution has also been deployed in Media China, Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences, and a national warehouse in Indonesia.

Additionally, BlueIOT‘s high-precision positioning system successfully assisted a manufacturing giant in Japan, a world-leading semiconductor manufacturer in Singapore, and SAIC Motor in China in improving factory personnel management. Wearable and skin-friendly tags for employees or visitors are usually in the form of a badge or a wristband. Automatic attendance eliminates the need for the cumbersome manual check-in of employees; analysis of workers’ operation routes helps to optimize workflow and boost productivity; and in the event of any emergency, the nearest security staff will be alerted and swiftly dispatched to the scene.

BlueIOT‘s locating system brings its accuracy level down to 0.1m and has won the trust of end customers and partners due to its high capacity, low energy consumption, cost-effectiveness, stable signal, and compact size. The Company has been well-recognized for its high-quality products and services and looks forward to partnering with more tag suppliers, software developers, system integrators, and solution providers to help the world’s ten billion Bluetooth terminals to enjoy a more accurate location experience and empower more industries.