JAKARTA, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tuya Smart (“Tuya” or the “Company”) (NYSE: TUYA), a leading IoT development platform service provider, and Telkom, Indonesia’s largest telecommunication company, today announced a new partnership using Cube Solution to launch value-added, cloud-based services and products in Indonesia.

Using Tuya’s private IoT service deployment solution, Cube Solution, Telkom launched a consumer segment smart home service, IndiHome Smart, and a small and medium-business solution, sooltanCam. IndiHome Smart is Telkom’s smart home IoT system that enables users to integrate and control smart home devices anywhere by using their smartphone. Backed by Tuya Smart, IndiHome Smart is brand neutral, allowing popular Indonesian smart home brands, including Bardi, Hannochs, Den, and Arbit to be controlled from within the IndiHome Smart app. By integrating with Indonesian original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Telkom is able to adopt an asset-light model to easily offer new services to clients across Indonesia.

SooltanCam allows for remote business monitoring through IP cameras with Cube Solution-backed cloud storage features for added security for IP cameras. Launching these products on Cube Solution allows for improved value-added services for consumer and business customers and creates potential for further product upgrades. Both products enable users to subscribe for new post-sale services to continue to upgrade their smart systems.

Telkom is one of the first major clients of Tuya Smart’s new product, Cube Solution. Cube Solution is a cloud-agnostic private IoT service deployment solution. On Cube Solution, developers can build a scalable private IoT platform to handle device management, connectivity, application development, and data analytics. Cube Solution allows businesses to connect and manage IoT devices, rapidly develop applications, provides data security services, and system auto-scaling, all backed by Tuya’s proven IoT PaaS. Cube Solution helps enterprises keep pace with the ever-changing demand for IoT technology adoptions in business and create personalized IoT platform operations for every industry vertical, every scenario at a fast speed. For instance, smart home brands are able to implement effective data analytics on Cube Solution to ensure product upgrades and design, while real estate companies look to Cube Solution to provide a private IoT platform for property projects such as smart communities, smart office buildings, and smart homes.

Cube Solution adopted a five-module structure: IaaS, a cloud-native PaaS, an IoT Core base, the IoT capability extension, and the application development and integration platform – providing full technical support for SaaS deployment. More than 40 functional components are encapsulated in the five modules, providing customers a selection of on-demand products and complete private deployment at lower costs.

“Through the development of the new IndiHome Smart business model, customers can buy smart home devices through the official IndiHome Smart online store (homesmart_id) according to their needs. Then customers can connect their smart home devices with the IndiHome Smart application and subscribe to value-added services at IndiHome Smart. Cube Solution ensures that our customer experience seamless, secure, and stable,” said E. Kurniawan, Telkom’s Vice President of Marketing Management. “IndiHome Smart is now focused on developing intelligent home services to make the customer experience even more seamless and user-friendly,” he added.

“We are thrilled to partner with Telkom to improve Indonesia’s cloud-based services and leverage our state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the Telkom customer experience. Having launched Cube Solution earlier this year, the product has already had early success helping companies quickly introduce new secure and convenient value-added services,” said Eva Na, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation and CMO of Tuya Smart.

With Cube Solution launching a suite of successful value-added services in Indonesia, both companies are looking forward to future collaborations. Telkom is Indonesia’s largest telecommunications operator, with 130 million mobile subscribers and a market share of more than 50% that includes a large demand for cloud storage value-added service for IP cameras. Through the power of the cloud, Telkom’s systems and smart products are rapidly able to interconnect and build seamless business and smart home experiences. As consumer and business needs evolve, both firms can adapt and launch improved products and services in the future.

About Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA) is a leading technology company focused on making our lives smarter. Tuya does this through offering a cloud platform that connects a range of devices via the IoT. By building interconnectivity standards, Tuya bridges the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains across a broad range of smart devices and industries. Tuya solutions empower partners and customers by improving the value of their products while making consumers’ lives more convenient through the application of technology. Through its growing commercial SaaS business, Tuya offers intelligent business solutions for a wide range of verticals. The Company’s platform is backed by industry-leading technology complete with rigorous data protection and security. Tuya partners with leading Fortune 500 companies from around the world to make things smarter, including Philips, Schneider Electric, Lenovo and many others.

About IndiHome

IndiHome as a leading fixed broadband service owned by PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk provides three main services, Internet, Telephone and Interactive TV. IndiHome is the market leader for fixed broadband services in Indonesia with more than 8.5 million subscribers by the end of 2021. IndiHome has reached 498 out of 514 cities/regencies, even the 10 outermost islands in Indonesia, namely Bintan, Karimun, Kei, Alor, Simeulue, Weh, Sebatik, Rote, Sabu and Nusa Penida). IndiHome fiber optic stretches for 166,343 kilometers from the city center to remote villages throughout the archipelago or the equivalent of 4 times the circumference of the earth. Provides a wide selection of interesting content ranging from Interactive TV services, Minipack Channel TV, add-ons, 10 OTT partners including Disney+ Hotstar, Vision+, VIU, CATCHPLAY+, MOLA, Vidio, WeTV, Lionsgate Play, HBO Go, and Gameqoo. Furthermore, IndiHome also has the highest number of channels up to 238 channels that can be offered to customers. For more information about IndiHome, visit www.indihome.co.id.