Other findings

  • 85% of respondents did not have a high level of confidence that political campaigns effectively protect their personal information.
  • 26% of respondents indicated they had not completed a transaction making a campaign donation because of concerns about the security of the transaction or how their personal information would be handled. Additionally, 42% of those that had donated to a campaign said their likelihood of donating again would change if the campaign was hacked, and 30% cited that any hacking would “change the likelihood of a candidate receiving their vote”.
  • 41% of respondents believed that an AI voice played to them, that the voice was authentically human. Also, 52% had received an email and/or text message appearing to be from a campaign that they suspected was actually a phishing attempt.
  • Registered voters would like to see campaigns and candidates:
    • Take precautions to prevent their websites from being hacked (42%)
    • Use strong security measures like multi-factor authentication (MFA) on their accounts (41%)
    • Have policies in place and train staffers and key volunteers on cybersecurity for the campaign and protecting personal information (38%)