By upgrading to a cloud-based and integrated data protection-and-cybersecurity platform,  BDR Pharmaceuticals was finally exceeding its RPO and RTP targets

A pharmaceutical firm based in Mumbai was using a network attached storage device for their backup and recovery needs. When this basic setup was outgrown by the firm’s growth, it was time to consider a cloud-focused infrastructure.

As their research scope widened, BDR Pharmaceuticals International (BDR) was dealing with more sensitive data than ever, and this was an opportune time to implement a highly secure and resilient infrastructure.

The firm’s CTO Viral Bhavsar (sic) noted: “Security is the most important factor — data must

always be protected from leaks, malware, and viruses. We adhere to strict regulations such as data integrity requirements from the Food and Drug Administration (US). To improve our Recovery Point Objective (RPO)) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) metrics, we wanted near-zero downtime along with proper visibility into all of the infrastructure.”

After partnering with a solutions provider Acronis, BDR Pharmaceuticals saw significant improvements to financial and operational performance. On the financial side, capital expenditures were reduced by 30%; operational expenses were reduced by 12%.

According to Bhavsar: “We cut the average man-hours needed to support our backup infrastructure in half while reducing the bandwidth requirements by 10%. Before, it used to take up to four minutes to back up 1GB, but now this takes one minute. At one glance (on the software dashboard), we can see all the necessary information to deliver on our core metrics to the organization as a whole.”  

In addition to the improved efficiency in data protection (backup and restore processes), the firm’s new system delivers integrated, automated cyber protection that addresses the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges that are prevalent in many industries. With the improvements, Bhavsar’s organization was able to achieve near-perfect RPO metrics while improving its RTO by nearly 30%.