Details are in for the much-anticipated briefings highlights, the Executive Summit and Black Hat Arsenal live demos.

Information-security events producer Black Hat has announced the Briefings highlights for its upcoming Black Hat Asia event taking place March 31 – April 3 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.  

The event offers an immersive program with research-based Briefings, hands-on Trainings, a Business Hall featuring leading solution providers, and a collection of special programs that span all levels of information security.  

Some program highlights include: 

  • Hacking industrial controllers, with a talk and live demonstration revealing how an attacker can take over an entire factory by transmitting a single packet that will exploit an URGENT/11 vulnerability. 
  • Vulnerabilities discovered in Wi-Fi technology, including researchers who identified security weaknesses in Wi-Fi chipsets found in popular devices from Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and more. Another Briefing will focus on the vulnerability of Wi-Fi drivers before password authentication and will showcase a fuzzing tool to automatically find these vulnerabilities. 
  • Android hacks, including vulnerabilities within Android’s instant app framework that could lead to sensitive information leakage, identity theft, and account takeover; and a vulnerability in Android-based smartphones that allows an attacker to take photos and record videos undetected by the victim. 
  • A closer look into ZombieLoad, a Meltdown-type attack that leaks data across multiple privilege boundaries such as processes, kernel, SGX, hyper-threads, and even across virtual machines. The attack can be mounted without any user interactions from an unprivileged application. 
  • A deep dive into privacy, which will explore various types of biometric data, government and private organization usage of this data, and whether the data collection is covered by the privacy legislation in the APAC region. 

To view the current 2020 program lineup and presentation abstracts, visit 

Return of the Executive Summit 

Due to high demand, Black Hat is bringing the Executive Summit back to Asia. On Wednesday, April 1, Asia’s notable security executives will attend the event aimed towards security leaders and forward thinkers. Participants will hear from a variety of industry experts who are helping shape the next generation of information security strategy. The Executive Summit follows Chatham House Rule in an effort to foster an open and collaborative environment. 

Classroom-style courses  

Prior to the commencement of the Briefings, Black Hat Asia will offer four days of deeply technical, hands-on training courses led by some of the brightest minds in the industry. This year’s trainings will span topics covering malware analysis, pentesting, and more. 

Live Demos – Black Hat Arsenal 

Black Hat Arsenal will return to Singapore with its highly popular tool and demo area, showcasing the hottest developments from the open-source community.