The 83-year-old airline’s landmark project to modernize is expected to be completed in several years’ time

The strategic enhancements are aimed at improving network performance and business resilience, to form a robust foundation for the airline’s digital transformation and continued innovation. Details of the transformations announced on 27 June 2024 include:

  • Consolidating network and security operations to benefit from enhanced visibility, control, and security. This will enable PAL’s IT teams to focus on core business operations and high-value strategic initiatives, while being assured of consistent threat protection.
  • The integrated and simplified architecture will deliver tangible cost advantages across IT and network operations. By leveraging managed services, the airline foresees benefits from aggregated cost savings, minimal downtime with carrier redundancy, and expedited issue resolution.
  • The multi-year project entails embracing a cloud-based secure-by-design infrastructure to boost business agility and continuity.