Global workforce protected with Geospark Analytics’ Hyperion AI strengthening its analysis of emerging issues and trends.

Driving innovation in security intelligence and risk management, International SOS, the world’s leading medical and security risk services company, is now working with disruptive technology experts, Geospark Analytics.

The organizations will work closely together in a strategic partnership to utilise Geospark Analytics artificial intelligence capabilities for monitoring and forecasting emerging events and trends, together with International SOS’ best in class global intelligence capability and on-the-ground experts.

Geospark Analytics’ Hyperion Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform will become an integral part of International SOS analytics, exclusive in the travel risk industry. It will be an important complement to unique source information and expert analysis, informing bespoke advice on employee risk levels and mitigation recommendations for both managers and direct to companies’ global workforce.

David Johnson, CEO of Security Services at International SOS, commented: “Threat and risks can arise anywhere, at any time, and change rapidly. Whether it’s an inconvenience or a potential threat to employee life, timely, clear and precise risk and threat assessment is a critical aspect to protecting people and business continuity.”

He continued: “Working with Geospark Analytics will augment our established insight streams into the, sometimes, unexpected and ‘unpredictable’ risks around the world, helping organizations identify, prioritize and manage their personnel risk and focus their efforts as needed. Our security experts are already leveraging Hyperion to more rapidly support their decision making by identifying and forecasting locally emerging events on a global scale.”

The Geospark Analytics cloud compute architecture, calculates millions of permutations of activity and stability relevant to the security environment, across country, region, and city levels, every day. It collates critical world events by continually integrating, learning, and analyzing data points from news, social media, photos, travel warnings, health warnings and weather and will further enhance International SOS’ robust client insights and advisory capabilities, and decision-making power for clients.

“As a pure play AI-driven platform that is vertically integrated into the security and threat space we are excited to bring the power of Hyperion to International SOS and their Security Intelligence and Operations Centers across the globe,” said Omar Balkissoon, Founder and CEO of Geospark Analytics.

“The combination of International SOS’ medical and security risk expertise and Hyperion’s industry leading AI-forecasting is a natural partnership showing applied AI at work pushing International SOS’s mission forward.  We are proud to be part of their team ensuring safety and security in more than 90 countries.”