The institute has engaged a private sector cybersecurity firm as its consultant for a four-point national cybersecurity-boosting strategy.

As Thailand faces continual cybersecurity challenges, including incidents related to data breaches, phishing attacks, ransomware, and other forms of cyber threats, its Defense Technology Institute (DTI) has engaged the private sector to redefine the nation’s cyber defense strategy.

According to the country’s National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) the number of cybersecurity threats in the country had increased from 135 incidents in 2021 to over 772 incidents in 2022, with most being data breaches occurring in educational and public sector websites.

The DTI therefore defined the following objectives:

    • Develop a Cyber Academy Program that provides advanced skills and knowledge to DTI personnel in countering cyber threats
    • Create comprehensive training programs, utilizing a chosen private sector vendor’s battle-tested technologies and methodologies
    • Include Blue Team Analysis, Threat Intelligence Analysis, and Incident Response in the training
    • Equip DTI personnel with the latest defence strategies and practical skills necessary to combat cybercrime effectively

General Choochart Buakhao, the Director General of DTI, said: “Cyberspace is a sprawling frontier that demands a continuous commitment to its defense. Leveraging Group-IB’s experience and technologies,

DTI aims to further strengthen its cyber defense capabilities… and promote knowledge sharing and innovation in the cybersecurity domain in Thailand.”

The DTI Cyber Academy will utilize Group-B’s threat intelligence and “managed extended detection and response” technologies to provide the DTI team with practical skills and real-world attack management experience.

For the first 10 commercial classes of Cybersecurity Advanced Training, instructors from Group-IB will lead the sessions covering the areas of Blue Team Analysis, Threat Intelligence Analysis, and Incident Response.

Said Group-IB CEO and founder Dmitry Volkov: “By leveraging our joint expertise and resources, we are poised to make significant strides in advancing cybersecurity research and development. In line with our global strategy, in every region of our operations, we ensure local governments, businesses, and people feel more secure in the digital space.”