Case Study

Fortinet Security Fabric Protects Yedpay’s New Cloud Environment

Yedpay Power Its Business Growth with Fortinet Security Fabric.

Within five years, Yedpay had to upgrade hardware and improve the network’s speed and capacity to stay competitive and promote business growth via a public cloud migration.

Yedpay deployed Fortinet Security Fabric solutions to identify, reduce, and remediate attacks surface through broad visibility, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven breach prevention, and automated operations and orchestration across access points, endpoints, network elements, applications, cloud, and the data center.


With Fortinet solutions, Yedpay was able to migrate to the public cloud for only a month, which would usually take a year, ensuring robust security across its offerings and keeping pace with continually evolving cyberattacks to expand its service and business growth. 

This case study shows the security challenges Yedpay faces and how Fortinet Security Fabric helped the company reduce and manage the attack surface to promote business growth.