Undergoing a transformation of its identity security process will boost trust and confidence in customers of its gaming and payments-related businesses.

An online and mobile games publisher has to strike a balance between offering a positive and rewarding gaming experience and protecting them from being victimized by malicious actors.

One firm in this industry, Gamania Group, also runs other businesses such as an online payment system and e-payment services in Taiwan — and its platforms have been prime targets for cyberattackers.  

To up its game, the group recently upgraded its identity security platform to protect its more-than-10m gamers, customers and employees. Its management looked to a cybersecurity firm borne out of its former IT and security department, to build a robust cybersecurity defense strategy for the entire group.

Protecting privileged access

Believing that it should focus on individual identity and access, especially since the traditional perimeter no longer exists, the group sought to strengthen privileged access management and endpoint privilege management capabilities to:

    • Automatically discover and onboard human identities, privileged credentials and secrets
    • Centralize policy management so admins can manage passwords and user access securely and efficiently
    • Remove local admin rights and enforce least privilege across the group
    • Implement foundational endpoint security controls across multiple platforms

Upon selecting and implementing CyberArk for the transformation, Gamania Group feels it has significantly improved its cybersecurity posture. This reduces the potential impact of cyberattacks by quickly detecting, analyzing and containing potential threats, as well as protecting access to critical data and assets to reduce services disruption.  

According to Paul Ding, general manager of the group’s affiliated firm heading the transformation (Digicentre): “We now have greater insight about what is needed to mitigate risks. In addition, we have seen improvements to our security management operations with better efficiency and productivity from the significantly reduced number of alerts the systems generate.”

Said Vincent Goh, President (APJ), CyberArk: “We look forward to continuing our support of Gamania in its journey towards implementing an increasingly pervasive, robust and efficient cybersecurity platform.”