The Ultimate CISOs Guide to Effective Zero-trust Access

Key things to know about CISO’s effective Zero-trust Access 

CISOs know that the Zero-trust security model isn’t new, so they are likely overwhelmed with the advice they get on ZTA and ZTNA technologies and solutions.

The network environment changes include fragmentation and expansion of attack surfaces, such as creating a single defensible boundary and difficulty distinguishing internal and trusted users from external, unknown, and untrusted users.


Employees and contractors are usally implicated in network breaches, and even security-conscious users become network attack vectors through their personal devices.

Working with a leading network security provider and choosing automated and integrated tools can help overcome the ZTA’s key challenges, such as knowing the network users, controlling resource access, and mitigating access risks.

This whitepaper explains CISOs effective Zero-trust Access strategy and how to evaluate network security providers and tools to overcome the challenges of ZTA.