Infographics: 6 steps to defend against ransomware


Learn the six steps to improve your security defenses against ransomware

6 steps to defend against ransomware

The Active Directory (AD) contains information about all servers, endpoints, and users. Hackers can use standard administration tools to query the AD without being caught by security software. 

When hackers gain privileged access to AD, they can introduce ransomware on all devices, compromising an organization’s on-premise and cloud IT infrastructure, which results in either paying the ransom or restoring the system using a well-thought disaster recovery plan.

Microsoft suggests deploying a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, such as, to provide helpful insights and proactively block malware before harming your entire network.

This eBook is intended to help determine the best cybersecurity practices to secure domain controllers or servers running on AD Directory Services to avoid compromising the end-users.

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