Cloud-based Backup Best Practices for the Modern Workplace

Cloud-based Backup Best Practices for the Modern Workplace

All you need to know about the best cloud-based backup practices to keep up with the modern workplace.

Are you sure Microsoft backups up your business data? 

The modern workplace has performed well in the remote age at a 47 percent productivity increase, but the rapid changes are challenging IT with data sprawl and silos and changing threat vectors and attack surfaces.

Data backups are every user’s concern under the Microsoft shared responsibility model, which recommends working with a third party for comprehensive coverage, data protection, and extended data retention to avoid exposure.

Endpoint data protection gaps are also a huge challenge, wherein endpoints are an organization’s data sources that can be compromised by end-user devices, like those 70 percent of breaches in 2020.

This eBook explains in detail how to bridge the two gaps using proven strategies and tools, including Metallic Office 365 and Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery.

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