Whitepaper: What business leaders need to know about data leakage

Ransomware strikes fear to business leaders

What business leaders need to know about data leakage

Today’s ransomware attacks involve using irresistible pressure and extorting targeted companies into paying the demanded ransom, which affects many critical business areas including brand damage, penalties, non-compliance, intellectual property loss, and lawsuit exposure.

Ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS), a business model in the dark web, allows inexperienced and seasoned users to launch ransomware attacks and gain profit, which is now gaining popularity on the dark web and threatening business leaders and organisations.

IntSights recommends effective ways to avoid data leakage caused by a successful ransomware attack, such as having a closed ports policy, avoiding phishing scams, and patching known vulnerabilities by keeping software up-to-date.

This paper explains the impacts of ransomware attacks on businesses and how to avoid ransomware entrapment.


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