Get Ready to Defend Your Organisation Against Ransomware

Key solution to prepare your organisation against ransomware threat.

Ransomware attacks are rising and having a significant business impact, wherein 56 percent of organisations victimized by successful ransomware attacks at some point admit to having paid a ransom without guaranteed data recovery according to an ESG survey.

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    With a broad range of security options promising ransomware protection, confusion occurs as to the scope and people involved in the conversation and responsible for the implementation.

    APAC organisations must find a way to simplify data management to derive data value across the data center, cloud, and edge with data backup, disaster recovery, data compliance, analytics, and security consolidated on one multicloud data platform to reduce complexity and eliminate mass data fragmentation.

    Defend your organisation against pervasive ransomware attacks, ransomware mitigation gaps, and more by reading this helpful resource.