BEIJING, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by on the 6th World Intelligence Congress:


Smart ports, smart factories, smart shopping… Soon, people will have the chance to experience a whole host of smart technologies online and glimpse what life will be like decades from now.

The 6th World Intelligence Congress (WIC) will kick off online in Tianjin on June 24. It will bring together prominent guests including Nobel Prize and Turing Award winners. Fortune 500 companies and leading smart tech enterprises in China and worldwide will take part in the event via various online channels. A range of online smart technology-based competitions will also be held, and an event to find the most innovative smart technology applications will be staged for the first time. All in all, there is a lot to be excited about.

This is the sixth year the WIC is being held. As one of the leading events in the field of smart technology globally, it has made many substantial achievements in the past five years to boost the development of next-generation AI and deepen global exchange and cooperation. Here are a few of the most impressive aspects.

First, a huge number of the latest sci-tech achievements have been exhibited. In previous years, robots that perform in the orchestra, smart healthcare cabins which can rapidly analyze people’s physical condition, smart homes, smart transport, intelligent anti-pandemic equipment, and various other cutting-edge products and technologies have all been exhibited. Over the past five years, many innovation achievements, such as a report on talent development in the AI industry and a white paper on digital healthcare, have been released during the event. A series of effective measures have also been introduced to improve the intelligent capacity of various sectors and comprehensively implement national strategies in Tianjin. This also reflects current trends in the global smart tech sector.

Second, international communication and cooperation have been effectively deepened. Since the WIC was first launched in 2017, guests from a total of 57 countries and regions have gathered in Tianjin, with Japan and Singapore previously being the guests of honor. The Global Forum on Urban Governance was also held in 2021, with dignitaries and ambassadors from 41 countries and organizations participating and pursuing development through mutual learning. By hosting the high-level WIC, Tianjin has created an even larger platform which contributes to international cooperation in more fields.

Third, intelligent technologies have been deeply integrated in socioeconomic development. The host city Tianjin is committed to building a national advanced manufacturing R&D base. It adheres to the principle of “manufacturing as a pillar industry of the city,” develops a “1+3+4” industrial system, and takes the lead in building an international consumption center city. In the past five years, taking the opportunity of the WIC, Tianjin’s smart technology industry cluster has grown stronger. Companies such as TCL, Lenovo and Kylinsoft have settled here; the construction of smart ports has achieved solid results; and smart applications in fields including elderly care and healthcare have been extended to over 188 settings. As the only city in China with both a national-level Internet of Vehicles (IoV) pilot zone and AI innovative development pilot zone, Tianjin is currently building an industrial cluster of “AI innovative applications plus IoV,” injecting new impetus into the city’s high-quality development.

The WIC has iterated for several years and continues to amaze people. These efforts show China’s wish to work closely with other countries to drive new developments in AI and to help more people around the world. The new achievements in AI and a new generation of information technology are constantly bringing new hopes for humanity.

After five years of development, we are confident that the 6th WIC will be bigger and better than ever before.China Mosaic

6th World Intelligence Congress: From strength to strength