HANGZHOU, China, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Artificial intelligence (AI) has already changed many aspects of video security by improving object recognition, search capabilities, and real-time threat detection. One of the biggest advancements from AI is the significant improvement in video image quality, especially in low-light conditions. SourceSecurity and Hikvision have jointly released a white paper exploring how AI is transforming video imaging.

SourceSecurity & Hikvision White Paper: Unveiling the Transformative Impact of AI on Video Imaging

The white paper discusses the historical challenges faced by video cameras in low-light environments, such as noise, blur, inaccurate color reproduction, and limited dynamic range. Traditional image signal processors (ISP) have provided some help through noise reduction and white balance adjustments, but these solutions were insufficient to fully solve the issues. Today, AI-driven image signal processing (AI-ISP) offers a major improvement by mimicking human vision for real-time autofocus, exposure control, and white balance adjustments.

Max Fang, Product Director at Hikvision, highlights that “AI significantly enhances video processing, improving clarity, contrast, and color, especially in low-light conditions.” This improvement is achieved by using advanced hardware like larger CMOS sensors, AI-enabled system on chips (SoC), and high-bandwidth memory, all essential for AI computations that enhance image quality.

The white paper highlights two of Hikvision’s leading technologies, ColorVu and Darkfighter 2.0, as key examples of AI’s ability to transform video imaging. ColorVu is known for delivering bright, full-color images even in very low light, thanks to AI’s precise color correction and noise reduction techniques. Meanwhile, Darkfighter 2.0 excels in capturing sharp, detailed images in black and white, effectively reducing motion blur and improving clarity in low-light situations.

Looking ahead, the white paper predicts even greater advancements, including real-time high-definition enhancement, multi-camera collaboration, and multi-sensor data fusion, all driven by AI innovation.

Through thorough research and development, Hikvision continues to push the limits of video imaging technology, ensuring that AI-driven innovations not only enhance security capabilities but also set new standards in image quality across various applications. This white paper marks an important step towards a future where video imaging will be more precise, reliable, and effective, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

SourceSecurity & Hikvision White Paper: Unveiling the Transformative Impact of AI on Video Imaging

Discover how AI is set to revolutionize video imaging and enhance your understanding of video security. Download the full white paper here.