According to this interviewee, the technology will surpass human detection capabilities soon, and only AI and Zero Trust can intervene

Shannon Murphy, Global Security & Risk Strategist, Trend Micro

More importantly, businesses need to adopt a proactive posture towards cybersecurity. This involves:

  • Moving away from traditional approaches of applying uniform security measures across all known systems, and towards adopting a ‘risk-based approach’ that includes continuous asset discovery and assessment to focus on prioritizing and building the appropriate controls for the most critical vulnerabilities.
  • Adopting proactive attack surface risk management: a combination of exposure management; attack surface management; user and entity behavior analytics — and gaining increased visibility across multiple systems and information stored across all business units. Having deep observability across these categories empowers organizations to identify the most at-risk assets and potential intrusions. The idea is to disrupt threats upstream in the kill chain before any damage occurs, to improving the likelihood of prevention.