With greater automatic and applicable measures, CDNetworks’ WAAP Solution is poised to boost the presence of every online business.

SINGAPORE, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CDNetworks, an APAC-leading network to deliver edge as a service, is proud to announce that its comprehensive Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solution has been enhanced with additional beyond rule-based web protection, scenario-based risk management, and other advanced features. This comprehensive solution is now available to organizations of all sizes and industries.

Highlights of CDNetworks’ WAAP Solution

  • More Beyond Rule-based Web Protections

To help organizations address wide-ranging sophisticated cyberthreats, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution supplements more capabilities of analysis. Enabling the Bot AI Analysis, WAF Intelligent Analysis Service, and other intelligent functions based on machine learning algorithms, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution improves an organization’s ability to mitigate cyberattacks quickly and minimize false positives while ensuring optimum user experiences for online visitors.

  • More Scenario-based Risk Management

To better meet the protection needs that organizations face in real-world business situations, CDNetworks has designed its WAAP solution to collect information about the methods and characteristics employed by major cyberattacks in specific scenarios that cross far-ranging industries. With this information, the solution can provide organizations with a broad spectrum of scenarios-based risk management capabilities. This allows organizations to put a stranglehold on unwanted requests in advance based on their unique business requirements and evaluate risks dynamically without relying solely on known attack patterns and manual security rules.

With E-Commerce, for example, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution enables organizations to set up their own business security indicator and protection strategies based on specific logins, registrations, marketing activities, and payment scenarios. By utilizing anomaly and risk-based scoring techniques, the solution can proactively analyze and manage suspicious requests to ensure the continuity of an organization’s core business. This approach has a significant positive impact on meeting various business objectives such as direct revenue, branding, and competition.

  • Effective Zero-day Protection Backed by a Powerful Intelligence Library

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution has been designed from the ground up to ensure that organizations benefit from the highest availability and reliability possible by safeguarding their businesses from complex cyber attacks before they can occur.

CDNetworks’ daily collection of massive amounts of data across 2,800 global Points of Presence (PoPs) combined with the sharing of third-party threat intelligence libraries and the machine learning capabilities of CDNetworks’ WAAP platform all work in concert to produce a context- and data-aware perimeter that identifies threats efficiently, auto-updates defense rules continuously, and helps organizations patch vulnerabilities, including zero-day vulnerabilities, forming a network-wide synchronization shield that significantly improves an organization’s security posture by eliminating sole reliance on perimeter-based protection.

  • API Full Lifecycle Management and Protection

Today’s cyberthreat landscape is witnessing a year-after-year increase in network attacks initiated through vulnerabilities in application programming interfaces (APIs). CDNetworks’ WAAP Solution provides full lifecycle management of API assets that helps enterprises safeguard vulnerable APIs throughout their lifecycle and effectively assists with asset management. In addition, the solution can intelligently detect sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and prompt organizations to strengthen appropriate prevention measures for data.

  • Professional Security Services

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution also supports a range of optional robust security services, including Vulnerability Scanning Service, Business Security Analysis, Security Strategy Optimization, Professional Reporting Service, and etc. These security services provide security policy recommendations and optimized configurations aligned with an organization’s security infrastructure, security mandates, and business priorities. Backed by a security team that provides proactive monitoring and alert services for major events with reliable 24/7 continuity, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution provides organizations with one-stop protection for their business security needs.

“CDNetworks WAAP solution keeps a continuous eye on an organization’s business. By acquiring a deep understanding of specific business scenarios, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution employs machine learning technology, artificial intelligent analysis service, threat intelligent library, and the necessary risk management mechanisms to provide protection that not only fits an organization’s specific business scenario, but also provides timely patches to cyber threats faced by the organization. In this way, we create true value by securing the critical business of organization as well as providing the best quality end-user experience” said Doyle Deng, Head of Global Marketing and Product of CDNetworks. “Ultimately, organizations will find that investing in security protection brings revenue growth, not just cost savings and protection.”

Core Features of CDNetworks’ WAAP solution

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution offers a comprehensive set of features to protect web applications from various types of cyberthreats. The following list summarizes the core features of CDNetworks’ WAAP solution:

  • CDN & DDoS Protection

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution includes some features about CDN and DDoS protection, which ensures that web applications are always available, performing well, and protected against volumetric attacks:

-Smart Routing
-Load Balancer
-Rate Limiting
-Access Control
-L3/4 DDoS Protection
-L7 DDoS Protection

  • WAF & API Security

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) and API security features provide protection against application-layer attacks, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting:

-Built-in Rule
-Zero-Day Protection
-API Discovery
-Sensitive Data Detection (For Notice)

  • Bot & Risk Management

The bot and risk management features help organizations identify and block malicious bots and other suspicious activities:

-Bot Detection
-Mobile App Solution
-Account Takeover Protection
-Fraud Protection

  • Advanced Technology

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution also leverages advanced technologies such as machine learning, AI protection, and real-time threat intelligence to provide the most accurate and effective protection:

-Threat Intelligence
-AI Protection
-Machine Learning

  • Integration & Support

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution offers multiple integration methods and support, such as API access, SIEM integration, alarm and notification, and expert support to ensure that organizations benefit from the highest levels of protection for their websites, applications, and APIs.

-API Access
-SIEM Integration
-Alarm & Notification
-Security Services

For those interested in trying out the latest WAAP Solution from CDNetworks, please feel free to contact us for a free trial.

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