You can now buy stolen or compromised Netflix accounts for under US$3 — and risk your overall online safety!

With Netflix restricting the liberal sharing of account passwords for people considered to be “household users”, existing and potential subscribers have become targets of opportunistic cybercriminals.

According to Check Point Research (CPR), numerous illicit businesses have started selling Netflix subscriptions on the Dark Web and on Telegram channels offering access to the video streaming service for as little as 190 Indian rupees, which is about US$2.3.

These shady businesses and entities promote “full access effectiveness and legitimacy” to entice potential buyers. However, CPR notes that such accounts sold through these portals are often traced to compromised credentials or breached accounts. People who patronize such service may find that these cybercriminals may not uphold their end of the bargain. There have been instances where customers either failed to gain access or had their access blocked after a period of time.

At the same time, Netflix account owners accept the new password sharing policy will want to keep their account safe by observing good password hygiene practices after informing people who were previously accessing the account. This includes the use of passphrases that are not linked to guessable personal details; and the constant regime of using constantly changed, unique passwords for each online access network.

Additionally, if any suspicious activity is detected on an account — such as the appearance of new profiles or unusual content playback — account owners should check for unauthorized access and immediately change passwords.

According to Eusebio Nieva, the firm’s Technical Director (Spain and Portugal): “Cybercriminals often exploit users’ needs and desires, aligning their attacks with ongoing trends. As with any other domain, it is important to remember that if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Reducing demand is an effective way to counter illegitimate sales on the Dark Web and disrupt revenue streams to these services.”