SHIJIAZHUANG, China, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the Hebei branch of China Mobile (hereinafter referred to as Hebei Mobile), together with Huawei and iFLYTEK, integrated the intelligent translation capability provided by iFLYTEK into 5G New Calling, breaking language barriers for video calls. By using intelligence technologies, 5G New Calling makes communication visual and accessible. Chairman of China Mobile, Yang Jie, hopes to build a 5G-based information service system delivering connections, compute power, and service capabilities. 5G New Calling perfectly meets the requirements for building such a system. 5G New Calling is a successful practice of China Mobile’s “5G+” plan.

The barrier-free communication feature is based on China Mobile’s enterprise standards for 5G New Calling and a major upgrade to the native video call function of mobile phones. The feature uses intelligence technologies during video calls to recognize speech and then convert it into text in real time. In this way, users can read a transcription of what the other user is saying in real time. If the users speak different languages, it can translate what the other user is saying in real time, truly breaking language barriers.

Barrier-free Communication

In conventional calls, users must understand the language the other user speaks. However, 5G New Calling integrated with advanced intelligence technologies breaks this barrier, so that users can easily communicate with each other even if they speak different languages. This feature is also helpful for users who are hard of hearing.

The barrier-free communication feature is another one of Hebei Mobile’s successful explorations following the application of 5G New Calling in vertical sectors. Hebei Mobile will continue to work with industry partners to develop more valuable services with 5G New Calling and lay a solid foundation for the commercial use of 5G New Calling.