In today’s business world of digital transformation and cybersecurity risks, we are inundated with information, data and threats in all forms.

While attempting to ensure effective, productive and balanced use of our time – at work, at home and at leisure – technology has pervaded every aspect of life, so much so that we constantly suffer from information overload, on top of the headaches of dealing with fake news, scams and spam.

And, recently in the Asia Pacific region, I’m sure you’ve heard many industry colleagues bemoan the dearth of enterprise technology media that effectively provide, curate and aggregate useful and relevant content – as well as grow a community of like-minded business professionals – for busy C-suites and managers like you.

Indeed, it’s almost like a vacuum that needs to be filled for tech media in the region… And while small and niche media titles are making their way into the market to fill some gaps, what we know we all need are titles that target the REAL needs and challenges enterprises face today and in the near future.

Come September 2019, you need look no further!

It should come as no surprise that digital transformation and cybersecurity are top-of-mind concerns for corporate boards and C-suites. And every manager in the organization is expected to help make them happen.

That’s why, come September 2019, people in top to middle management of organizations established across Asia Pacific can look forward to original, curated, contributed and shared content specific to their fast-evolving needs in the Digital Economy and Cybersecurity.

Be it feature stories, interviews, expert perspectives, industry opinions, news and trends, strategies and tips, case studies, videos, infographics or whitepapers, CybersecAsia and DigiconAsia promise to be a new beginning for enterprise technology, innovation and transformation thought leadership.

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