Subaru’s new customer engagement portal now offers multifactor authentication and frictionless identity management for more than 550,000 users.

The automotive industry is facing a major transition in purchasing behavior, and one car maker has launched a customer experience portal to increase customer engagement and meet the demands of the shifts in car purchase trends.

Subaru Corporation’s “My Subaru” was designed to support the corporation’s DX efforts and appeal to the industry trend of consumers researching cars online more than ever before. However, in order to protect the data of more than 550,000 users, the firm has announced that it will use frictionless secure identity management for the “My Subaru” application.

The goal is to improve consumer engagement and pre/post sales experience through universal identification. The secure and frictionless customer authentication experience serves as an essential element in Subaru’s approach to not only increase customer engagement but also ensure data confidentiality.

Tech partner Auth0 will serve as the primary authentication provider, and the latter will assist in creating a foundational customer relationship management and secure identity system for managing customer information. In addition, the security enhancements are in compliance with Japan’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) which requires companies to show how customer information is being received and managed.

According to Atsushi Yasumuro, Chief of Business Innovation, Subaru Corporation, the secure identity management is a key factor in his firm’s ability to enhance CX and customer data privacy protection, to achieve Subaru’s vision of ‘Peace of mind & enjoyment,’ giving customers the confidence that the firm is “giving them the best experience and data security possible.”

The firm had selected the secure identity management solution as it found the solution easy to use and fast to deploy. Another consideration was the solution’s extensibility and provision of multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Said Eugenio Pace, co-founder and CEO, Auth0: “We’ve seen enormous momentum around digital transformation in the region. Combined with updated regulations around customer data management, it is more important than ever that identity management becomes a critical piece of any digital foundation. We are honored to work with Subaru on its online offering, and look forward to merging identity security with their online presence into one seamless experience.”