In-house IT trainers who need more cyber awareness training resources or planning ideas can now register online for free help

According to the National Security Alliance, individuals and organizations around the world have to own their role in always protecting their part of cyberspace. “If everyone does their part—implementing stronger security practices, raising community awareness, educating vulnerable audiences, or training employees—our interconnected world will be safer and more resilient for everyone.”

By holding regular cyber awareness training for all staff, IT and information security professionals who are encountering difficulties in planning or content-management can now add one more free resource to their work desk.

Produced by KnowBe4, a training resource kit is being offered free online, featuring eight interactive training modules and videos and an interactive segment for teaching awareness about social engineering.

The kit contains a user guide and weekly training suggestions to assist IT trainers in planning out the curricula for each month. Additionally, the kit contains multiple security awareness infographics, white papers, hints and tips, security awareness posters, digital signage and more—in multiple languages. 

Experienced trainers with already established pedagogical cyber awareness training frameworks aligned to organizational needs will still find the resource kit useful, as some of the content can be adapted for specific scenarios and localized situations.

According to Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4: “These resources aim to help organizations with security awareness training plans and initiatives to educate and recognize the necessity of building a security culture among users.”

Knowing that prioritizing cyber awareness is not a one-month exercise but has to be a daily muscle-memory routine, Sjouwerman reiterated that bad actors continue to attack organizations small and large, frequently targeting the human as the weakest link, so IT trainers will need help to focus on efforts to strengthen the human layer “not only in the month of October but throughout the year.”

A peek at what the main page of the training resource kit website contains.