Fortinet has announced that the annual Fortinet 361° Security conference is once again taking place this year across multiple cities in South East Asia and Hong Kong. The 2019 iteration will explore innovative ways to protect business networks in the hyper-connected world of today. 

The regional Fortinet 361° Security 2019 cybersecurity conference will gather Fortinet executives, industry experts and customers who will share their insights into how to securely unlock the potential of the digital economy, enabling organizations to confidently focus on the business, technology, and infrastructure drivers shaping their future.

Keynote and panel discussions will cover a range of topics, including today’s changing threat landscape, the growing challenge of interconnected devices, the widening distributed network, and how security strategies need to adapt to meet the new demands of today and tomorrow.

“In today’s hyper-connected world, data moves between various environments such as multi-cloud, IoT, and mobile devices. It is important for modern networks to enforce consistent security, yet preserve functionality in the network, so that essential workflows are protected along their entire data path as data travels through multiple environments,” said Peerapong Jongvibool, VP for South East Asia and Hong Kong, Fortinet.  

“That is why this year’s regional 361° Security conference focuses on Security-Driven Networking, where networking and security are integrated and combined. This concept of building a network around security as a foundation, allows enterprises to architect and deploy business critical applications and services faster than ever before without compromising security throughout the network.”

Anthony Lim, Principal Consultant for South East Asia and Hong Kong, Fortinet also said: “The demands of digital transformation are forcing organizations of all sizes and industries to reassess the effectiveness and scalability of existing legacy security infrastructure. Networks in sensitive sectors such as government, financial services and healthcare, often hold highly-valuable data on individuals, financial transactions, and critical infrastructure.”

“This data-rich environment makes them the target of a variety of threats like ransomware, phishing and DDoS, which aim to halt, extort, or disrupt networks. Business leaders and IT professionals must equip themselves with forward-looking strategies to cope with increasingly complicated network environments. As organizations develop a meshed and hyperconnected networking infrastructure that spans ecosystems, businesses, societies, and personal lives, security needs to do the same,” Lim added.

Bangkok will be the first city to host the Fortinet 361° Security 2019 conference on Aug 21, followed by Jakarta (Aug 28), Manila (Sep 4), Yangon (Sep 12), Kuala Lumpur (Sep 19), Ho Chi Minh (Oct 22), Hanoi (Oct 24), Hong Kong (Oct 31) and Singapore (Nov 6). Fortinet 361°

Security 2019 is expected to attract more than 1,500 security professionals to learn from and collaborate with many of the industry’s top leaders and technical experts. Attendees will be educated of the latest cybersecurity threat trends, innovations and strategies to safeguard data and resources now and in the future.

For more information and registration, please visit the Fortinet 361° Security 2019 website at