Sapna Sumbly, Director, BFSI Business (SEA), Trend Micro

Hence, adopting a platform-based approach emerges as an ideal solution. To that extent, ASRM functions as a race engineer, providing a comprehensive view of the ‘track’ — the attack surface that has been expanded by the use of multifaceted technologies and cloud integrations.

    • ASRM meticulously maps and identifies the potential vulnerabilities across the fintech ecosystem, proactively identifying weak spots and security gaps. This continuous monitoring and assessment help fortify defenses against diverse threats ranging from API vulnerabilities to misconfigurations within cloud services. Furthermore, with the integration of a zero-trust strategy, ASRM significantly reduces the attack surface, guarding against both malicious and inadvertent insider threats while ensuring compliance and robust data protection.
    • Complementing ASRM, XDR serves as the vigilant lookout guarding against evolving cyber threats. It consolidates various security tools, correlating insights from multiple sources to detect and respond to sophisticated attacks swiftly. Its cross-domain visibility enables fintech enterprises to detect atypical behavior across cloud environments, such as unusual access patterns, unexpected downloads of sensitive information, patterns indicative of phishing campaigns, or social engineering attacks, and more.

By consolidating multiple security measures, a platform approach has the following benefits as it:

    • liberates resources otherwise spent on managing disparate systems
    • alleviates the impact of cyber talent scarcity.
    • fuels operational scalability, allowing enterprises to redirect focus and investments towards growth initiatives.
    • helps centralize security protocols and regulatory adherence by ensuring consistent implementation of standards (and reduction of vendor/tool spawl) across the ecosystem.
    • minimizes human error but also quickly adapts to evolving compliance and threat intelligence scenarios.
    • instils confidence among stakeholders, enhances reputation, and positions fintech companies attractively.