OT security concerns peaking, AI integration trend growing.

Palo Alto Networks recently released findings from the State of Cybersecurity in ASEAN 2023 research.

The study covers cybersecurity data, key findings and outlook from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Palo Alto Networks found that OT cybersecurity concerns are peaking, and that organisations are also looking at various strategies, including budget increase and new technologies, to combat cyber attacks in the future — one of which is implementing AI integration. 

Here are some key findings from the research:

    • 67% of organisations feel the highest level of risk from cyberthreats, with the risk of ransomware being a key concern for more than half of the organisations in Singapore
    • 60% of ASEAN organisations view increased security risks arising from unmonitored and unsecured IoT devices as the biggest cybersecurity challenge
    • 82% of ASEAN organisations admitted to having a common team that looks after IT and OT infrastructure and systems
    • Across ASEAN, 84% claim to have developed a 5G strategy, but are concerned with securing 5G data and applications layers
    • 53% of ASEAN organisations are thinking of AI integration as the top technology to mitigate cyber risks

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