Forcepoint, in partnership with WSJ Intelligence, has released The C-Suite Report: The Current and Future State of Cybersecurity, which features new research on global business leaders’ cybersecurity priorities as well as growing disparities in how CEOs and CISOs view the most effective cybersecurity path forward.

An online quantitative survey of 200 CEOs and CISOs was conducted by WSJ Intelligence. Respondents from the US, UK, France, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, representing industries including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, Transportation, Retail, Energy and Telecom with an average company revenue of $10.4 billion, participated in the survey.

Some findings of interest about the Asia Pacific enterprise, versus American and European ones:

  • Derives the most business value from cybersecurity spending (95% vs. 61% “excellent value”)
  • Makes cybersecurity a top priority (76% vs. 61% “strongly agree”), has highly aware and literate leadership (66% vs. 44%), and is consistently ahead of threats (63% vs. 47%)
  • Sees no difficulty in creating a compelling business case (19% vs. 40%)
  • Asia business leaders are also more focused on a ‘protect everything’ approach than their global counterparts (63% APAC vs 49% globally).
  • Increasing agility (67%) is more important to the majority of Asia business leaders than reducing costs (33%), and 70% will take a threat-centric approach to cyber security.

Check it out here.