The 5 most prominent cyberthreats that are expected to impact APAC enterprises in 2023

The cyber-attacks we saw across industries last year are a sharp escalation to the disruptive threats facing businesses.

In 2022, cybercriminals targeted critical infrastructure with ransomware attacks. They also continued to find new ways to exploit the cryptocurrency boom, hybrid working, and, more recently, unsecured APIs. 

With the future of cybersecurity looking more disruptive than ever before, we can expect more plot twists, turns and surprises in the industry.

Palo Alto Networks predicts that the most prominent cybersecurity issues that are expected to impact enterprises in 2023 would be:

    1. Accelerated 5G adoption will deepen vulnerabilities
    2. Securing connected medical devices will be critical
    3. Cloud supply chain attacks will disrupt businesses
    4. The debate on data sovereignty will intensify
    5. The metaverse will be the new playground for cybercriminals

This animated infographic provides more details about the 5 likely threats.

Check it here.