Scott Jarkoff, Director of Intelligence Strategy, CrowdStrike.

These meticulously crafted facades serve to exploit inadvertent typing errors by internet users, thus ensnaring unsuspecting victims into the malevolent snares laid by these adversaries. In their quest to propel these fraudulent domains to the top of search engine listings, cybercriminals resort to blackhat SEO tactics.

This constellation of unscrupulous strategies is designed to unjustly augment a website’s visibility in search results. Tactics include:

  • Keyword stuffing– an attempt to dupe search engines by overloading webpages with irrelevant keywords
  • Cloaking-which involves presenting disparate content to search engines and human visitors
  • Manipulating click-through rates– to artificially boost a site’s relevance
  • Creation of insidious backlink networks– simulating site authority through deceitful endorsements