Here are six business and cyber trends in CPS security that are linked to 2023’s poor economic outlook and geopolitical climate

In the world of cyber-physical systems (CPS) security, 2023 will see all kinds of different things come together that were historically separate entities or processes.

Considering an impending economic recession and the ensuing changes in market needs, larger firms will scoop up smaller providers that are focused on specific verticals or use cases.

The convergence of IT and operational technology (OT) will continue to accelerate amid the ease of connectivity due to global digital transformation trends precipitated by the pandemic and economic circumstances. With this IT/OT convergence, and more IoT assets coming into the mix as well, businesses will focus on being more productive and competitive than ever.

Yaniv Vardi, Chief Executive Officer, Claroty

Also predicted for 2023 are the following:

    • Increased industry cross-pollination: Industries that were previously isolated from each other will explore closer integrations. For example, hospitals focused on securing medical devices will need to broaden their focus to cover building management systems (BMS) as they begin to realize that the operability of elevators and HVAC systems can have an even greater impact on patient care than infusion pumps or MRI machines.

    • Tech stack expansion: A combination of various cyber trends will cause security vendors and their partners to expand their tech stacks in order to be more compatible and reduce inefficiencies. As their customers’ networks and attack surfaces expand, vendors and partners will also need to extend their capabilities and services across increasingly converged networks.

    • Closer public-private sector collaborations: Another trend that fits the theme of cybersecurity focus in a year with poor economic outlook is the fostering of closer collaborations between governments and the private sector on cybersecurity. CPS security has become inextricably linked to geopolitical and economic stability.

    • More transparency in cybersecurity aspects of hardware and software manufacturing: Device manufacturers will be stepping up in providing deeper levels of transparency and security in order to take more ownership in protecting their product lines and corporate reputation against another year of exploding cyber risks.