Video: Streamline network detection and response to cyber-threats

Technology shifts towards mobile, cloud and remote enablement have created a new attack surface.
Streamline network detection and response to cyber-threats

Pressure on security practitioners has intensified to properly defend critical assets.

When 90% of the time needed for incident resolution is usually spent on trying to figure out if indeed there is a problem, it is challenging to keep pace with threats capable of bypassing perimeter and endpoint security.

Security practitioners now more than ever before seek fast and precise answers when facing more elusive, ever-changing threats.

In this on-demand webinar, Kemp experts discuss:

  • How to seal the gap between endpoint and perimeter protection
  • A machine-learning engine that covers visibility gaps, reveals malicious behaviors, attacks against mission-critical applications and data breaches at any point of the threat lifecycle
  • How you can respond to breaches and attacks before business values are harmed

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