Case Study: IaaS provider improves client troubleshooting with network visibility

The ability to visualize events reduces downtime in a busy virtualized cloud infrastructure.
IaaS provider improves client troubleshooting with network visibility

Sakura Information Systems’ virtualization hosting service is based on “partitioning” a virtual machine for each communication infrastructure.

The service provider is not involved in the network design or operation method of the usage environment; users can freely design networks by placing them on the Internet or building closed networks. This type of service is convenient for users but presents a considerable challenge for the provider, as it is difficult to understand the overall picture when a problem occurs in a shared network.

In the event of an overload or an attack, Sakura Information Systems would find itself lacking relevant information on a per-user basis, which made it impossible to resolve issues in the expected quality and timeframe.

These recurring incidents led to a search for tools that would make it possible to visualize events occurring in the company’s network center.

Check out why and how the IaaS provider improved troubleshooting and reduced downtime for itself and its clients.

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