How to Boost Testing Effectiveness Using AI-Infused Tools and Quality Management Practices

Find out how AI-infused testing can help you hasten delivery, boost productivity, maximise efficiency, and improve quality.

Forrester Consulting conducted a new commissioned study on behalf of Micro Focus, which shows that current software testing needs improvement; decision-makers highly prioritise intentional, efficient, and effective testing; and creating a compelling competitive advantage is attainable using AI-infused testing and test management.

Nearly two-thirds of surveyed respondents have agreed that their organisations’ testing technology does not serve the testing personas necessary to leverage for testing, and 73 percent of respondents do not want to rely on intuition but rather introduce more analytics-based insights into their risk-based testing approaches.

This study explains how AI-powered solutions can help empower organisations to track value creation, hasten delivery, and boost productivity across all stages of the software development life cycle.