Stop Ransomware Damage With These 6 Steps

How to effectively stop ransomware damage in your organisation.

While cybersecurity teams know about ransomware for quite some time, the related activity increased sevenfold just in 2020’s second half, because of the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) industry’s rapid growth.

RaaS makes it easier for any bad actor to deploy targeted ransomware attacks due to the combination of low barrier to entry, low risk, and high profits, making ransomware a favorite attack method of cyber criminals.


Only a proactive security approach can stop ransomware damage by backing up data, training users, reducing the attack surface, segmenting the network, putting an incident response plan, and shoring up security along the Cyber Kill Chain.

This eBook explains in detail the six steps to proactively stop and mitigate the impacts of ransomware damage.