Case Study:

Healthcare organization addresses cloud access management challenges

Healthcare and recruitment data are some of the most sensitive information, and need special protection when exchanged and managed in the cloud.

Healthcare organization addresses cloud access management challenges

Insights from the 2020 Thales Asia-Pacific (APAC) Data Threat Report reveal that 45% of all data from APAC organizations is stored in the cloud, with 42% of such data in the cloud described as sensitive.

A recruitment firm-cum-clinical process outsourcing (CPO) company based in the Philippines required an access management system to centrally manage and secure access to cloud applications, as well as the ability to secure on-premise systems.

The healthcare organization operates as a nurse recruitment and deployment agency for healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) services to deliver clinical and administrative services on a global scale. It provides dedicated teams of over 3,000 remote and onsite clinicians who solve medical and administrative problems on a daily basis.

Cloud users of applications such as Microsoft Azure administrator portal and Microsoft Office 365, as well as on-premise users of devices running on Microsoft Windows, needed both convenience and security.

The organization addressed these cloud access management challenges by introducing modern authentication based on contextual attributes and utilizing policy-based Single Sign-On for ease of use and user convenience.

Additionally, to further enhance its overall security posture, it required the ability to enforce policies on a real-time basis at the individual user, group or application level.

Download this case study for details of the cloud access management challenges this organization faced and the solutions it deployed to address them.

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