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More than 50,000 driving license details leaked in Australia

Cheap-and-cheerful cloud storage solutions are abundant, but so are the cases of misconfigurations that can lead to hackings or data leaks.

On 1 Sep 2020, more than 108,000 scanned images of over 54,000 Australian driving licenses were found to have been leaked online. The leak was discovered by a Ukrainian security consultant who stumbled upon the folder on an Amazon storage service, which also contained phone numbers, addresses and birth dates, all available for public view.

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The hacker-powered way to maximize security while reducing costs

Vendor consolidation and hacker-powered programs can reduce costs and improve cybersecurity, argues this bug bounty expert.

Remember those pre-pandemic days when you thought your security scope was complex? Now, with employees working from home, new video-and collaboration- apps being rolled into our daily workflows and less physical oversight of devices and access, it seems like we are all longing for the seemingly-airtight security of 2019, right?

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