BEIJING, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Tolly Group, an international authoritative evaluation organization, released the test report for H3C Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus) solution, showing that the solution has successfully passed the evaluation.

H3C AD-Campus Solution Architecture

The new-generation campus network solution for building smart campuses in multiple industries demonstrated great advantages that have been unanimously recognized by specialists in the evaluation team: the H3C AD-Campus solution adopts “cloud & intelligence native” architecture, which integrates management, control, and analysis capability with AI empowerment and unified management convergence of all scenarios covering campus network, wide-area network (WAN), and data center network. With full lifecycle management, open architecture and deep intelligence, AD-Campus solution is committed to solve existing challenges and assist customers to accelerate digital innovation and transformation.

Validated by Tolly Group, the H3C AD-Campus solution exhibited superior performance across many indicators. AD-Campus solution combines VXLAN and the concept of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to create a new-generation flexible network. It converts campus network from “user adapts to network” to “network adapts to users”, enabling users and devices to roam around campus seamlessly, while remaining consistent user experience and simplified network operation. It reduces complexity of network deployment and maintenance and meets the increased requirements of mobility and massive endpoint access on campus network.

In the evaluation report, the H3C AD-Campus solution demonstrated five key industry-leading performance advantages:

  • Simplified and Automated Network

The H3C AD-Campus solution can enable simplified intent-based network and automated deployment and provisioning.

Simplified Intent-based Network: The solution adopts SDN architecture, decoupling control plane from infrastructure. As the SDN controller, SeerEngine translates business intent into network language to achieve automated end-to-end service provisioning. With GUI and the policy matrix, all initialization and policy configuration will be done by several clicks, liberating network engineers or managers from complicated command lines. Furthermore, with the closed-loop intent network, the analysis will provide feedback to revise existing policy and optimize overall network. Powered by AD-Campus, customers can highly focus on business innovation and enable faster business launch.

Automated Deployment and Provisioning: With the H3C AD-Campus solution, customers would design, provision and manage the network on the SDN controller. The whole system would follow customers’ intent and be operated rapidly and simply. Automated device onboarding: With only three templates (Spine, Leaf, Access), AD-Campus constructs underlay & overlay networks automatically without extra manual configuration.

  • Superior Consistent User Experience

H3C AD-Campus creates a location independent campus network, providing optimal experience for each user on each endpoint. Clients can access the network anywhere and anytime without repetitive authentication and authorization. It is also convenient to deploy or move endpoints with the plug-and-play function. For network managers, they can easily and efficiently manage the network.

H3C AD-Campus constantly delivers customized experience in different scenarios. Users can have fixed IP addresses or just keep the same roles to acquire seamless experience. With AI empowerment, the solution presents rich information based on different metrics to improve troubleshooting.

  • Comprehensive Convergence

Through the convergence, the H3C AD-Campus solution has the ability to unify scenarios, simplify operation and centralize management.

Wired & wireless convergence: All wired and wireless O&M will be centralized to one management console.

Multi-fabric convergence: To ensure unified policy and consistent experience, AD-Campus provides a single platform to design, deployment and management across multi-fabric, which makes the network be adaptable, flexible and efficient.

Cross-domain convergence: H3C AD-Campus provides unified orchestration and management between campus and data center networks, which reduces large number of tasks and supply integrated experience.

  • Zero-trust Security

Scenario-based Authentication: Besides accounts and codes, H3C AD-Campus realizes flexible and customized requirements by limiting access condition and endpoint type. For example, with this feature, administrators can allow students to access critical research database on campus, but not when they are at home using their own laptops.

Application-Level Security Control: H3C AD-Campus provides service chains to achieve application-level security. In the traditional way, administrators need to focus on both the services and the network. Policies and traffic redirection are always manual and complicated. While in the AD-Campus solution, administrators only need to focus on the services. The network part is GUI based, automated and virtualized.

  • Intelligence O&M

Continuous Monitoring, Assurance and Optimization: H3C SeerAnalyzer collects plenty of data from devices, users and applications. Tons of data will be transformed, sorted to different factors and fully visualized. With a single dashboard, administrators can identify network situation with user and service health conditions clearly.

AI Empowered Troubleshooting & Prediction: H3C SeerAnalyzer can trace back past events where malfunction happens and analyze root causes, helping IT managers reduce service interruption and cost. With big data and AI empowerment, SeerAnalyzer may predict future situation. With the dynamic threshold, it can trigger alarm more precisely and timely. With traffic and capacity prediction, it can provide best option at the best time.

The H3C AD-Campus solution follows the evolution in customer needs and keeps innovating. Based on “cloud & intelligence native” architecture, the solution enables the mode of “network adapts to users”, thus helping customers achieve integrated management of WAN, campus network and data center network, and meeting the requirement of network construction of smart campus.

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C will continue to facilitate the R&D and upgrade of digital products and solutions with years of experience in intelligent O&M, assisting companies across all industries as they embark on a new journey of digital transformation.

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