HSINCHU, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AP Memory, the global leading design company that provides customized memory solution, has announced today the launch of its new Ultra High Speed (UHS) and Ultra Low Swing (ULS) PSRAM. AP Memory rolls out AP351216C/AP351208, to further expand the density of AP Memory’s UHS products series to 512Mb, and AP43208B, the industry’s first ultra-low power 32Mb ULS product. AP Memory’s new UHS/ULS products serve as memory solutions that support high density and low power consumption, meeting the needs of modern IoT applications such as new generation edge computing, smart home, smart wearable device, 5G communication, Timing Controller (TCON), etc.

AP Memory is the first in the industry to introduce UHS/ULS PSRAM memory. Compared to traditional PSRAM and DRAM memory solution, UHS/ULS product series provides advanced memory features such as high transfer rate (~5x more bandwidth compare to PSRAM), low power consumption (~3x less compare to DRAM) and low pin count (3x less compare to DRAM). AP Memory’s UHS/ULS product series enable design simplification while meeting form factor constraints and upgrade system and function performance of compacted IoT applications.

When operating at the highest frequency at 1066Mhz, the power consumption of UHS product can save power consumption up to 40% comparing to LPDRAM, with power consumption at a very low level of 62mW, which significantly improves wearable devices’ battery life. Furthermore, the newly released ULS products uses lower I/O voltages compare to traditional PSRAMs, further reducing memory power consumption, making ULS a new advantageous option for ultra-low-power memory solution. On top of this, as System on Chip (SoC) continues to migrate to advanced node process, the I/O voltage of SoC is gradually decreasing. UHS/ULS products can interconnect with SoC without a voltage converter, and due to its low pin count feature, it further reduces the complexity and cost of IoT product design.

Both the UHS products, with density from 64Mb to 512Mb, and the 32Mb ULS product are offered in KGD (Known Good Die) for commercial (-25°C~85°C) and industrial grade application (-40°C~105°C). AP Memory supports customized service according to customers’ needs, providing RDL and WLCSP packaging application for end products at different levels such as component, module or system. To know more about the UHS/ULS product, please refer to www.apmemory.com

About AP Memory Technology Corporation
AP Memory is a fabless DRAM and IP product company. As a world leader in Pseudo-SRAM, AP Memory delivers reliable solutions of low-pin-count ultra-low-power IoT RAM and high-performance derivative products. AP Memory is also the world-leading company in AI memory solutions, particularly for 3D IC. The headquarters is based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with R&D centers in the US, Mainland China, Taiwan, and sales offices worldwide. For more information, please visit www.apmemory.com.